10 Must Have Chrome Plugins For Web Designers & Developers


As a web developer, you’re apparently a part of the earliest adopters of new browser technologies. Google’s almost new Chrome browser is one of those products that developers jumped all over as soon as it became available, but its antecedent abridgement of extensions was a dealbreaker for many.

Now extensions are accurate in Chrome and some of the accouterments you’re acclimatized to application in Firefox accept become available, additional a few different to Chrome. We’ve aggregate a account of ten of the a lot of advantageous Chrome extensions for web developers appropriate here; if you use these extensions, you ability even be able to accomplish Chrome your capital workhorse. Maybe!

Look at the list below and give it a try — and if there are any abundant ones that we missed, be sure to share them with us and the readers!


1. Firebug Lite


2. IE Tab


3. Eye Dropper


4. Chrome SEO


5. Lorem Ipsum Generator


6. Resolution Test


7. Speed Tracer


8. MeasureIt!


9. Pendule


10. BuiltWith



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